Ad & funnel case studies

Ads Management Results


Clothing E-com Store

On this project, our team focused on bringing new traffic and sales to this newly formed store. Within 3 months client was making 6 figured and experiencing a 30% growth each month.

Clothing E-com Store

This client owned a Scadinavian style furniture online company and wanted to increase their store sales via Facebook & IG ads.

When we first took over the account we generated the client a 23x ROAS.

Ads Management Results


Course Launch

On this project, our team focused on find qualified leads for an upcoming course launch.

Ads were ran to a waitlist, the course was launched on the backend which resulted on a 10% conversion rate and a $60k launch.

Online Coaching Program

This launch included a live webinar funnel.
We ran Facebook & Instagram Ads to fill up the webinar whilst building the clients email list.

We only spent £80 on ads with leads coming in at 29 pence a lead! 100% of the students paid in full.

Online Coaching Program

On this project, our team focused heavily on top of funnel lead generation. During the partnership 7000 leads were obtained and the return on ad spend ranged from between 3x – 5x

Funnel projects

Group Program

Mindset Coach

This was a live launch funnel. The team focused heavily on building out the backend of the funnel in order to pre-qualify, vet and capture sales.

The client launched while moving to a new state and said she felt the most supported she ever had.
We onboarded over 60 students. This launch generated 4 – 6 months of recurring revenue at $15k+ per month.

Self-paced course

Business Coach

On this project, our team focused on the systems tech, integration and email marketing strategies. We implemented a waitlist strategy of which over half of the conversions came from the waitlist.

We wrote all the email copy and set up the email automations. We built out the backend funnel and ensured that all the systems were integrated and talked to each other to ensure a seamless experience.


Business Mentors

On this project, our team focused heavily on the system tech and automation. We ensured that all the systems talked to each other and provided a seamless experience.

We built out the email funnels used for nurturing all warm leads. In order to avoid annoying subscribers the automation will remove buyers from promo sequences and new leads into a promo sequence were we can nurture and upsell them to the program.

Group program

This was $1250-$1500 program
We built 3 pages including copy and email sequence to retarget and upsell leads. This was a two step funnel, that went from opt-in page to video training.

Ebook (Passive)

Our team built out this entire funnel. From sales and thank you page. To all the copy and systems tech. We created the portal to hold the Ebook and integrated it with the checkout and emails.

Business Coach to Beauticians & Beauty Therapists

Social Media Coach

Coach to Psychology Students


The right ads and funnels can attract your target audience, taking them from cold leads to paying customers…and more importantly, loyal fans who will come back for more.

It’s time to stop cutting corners and invest in proven, profitable ads and funnel builds to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. 

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