Turn your service into a digital product that generates consistent income and sells out your high ticket offers on autopilot.

even if you don’t think you have anything to sell.
You’ve got a high-ticket service that your clients LOVE.  But how do you make more money without burning out?

Yes, you can increase your prices...

But you will still have to find qualified leads that are ready and prepared to pay your new prices and after a certain point, you’ll still reach a ceiling.

You could build an agency to help with service delivery..

But that means doubling your team and getting used to the management overhead that goes along with it. Bye, bye high margins 👋🏾

You could start a Facebook group...

But that means spending a ton of time on back-end administrative work on yet another marketing channel, managing moderators and screening members.


You want a way to increase your revenue, generate quality leads and make sales, without having to hustle for clients.


What if you could have an automated profitable digital product business where your pipeline is always growing and every new lead created an easy income for you?

It’s time to create a business model that works for you, and not the other way around.

Here’s the deal with trying to sell your high ticket services online.

1:1 services require a lot of your time. You cannot scale this. You are essentially trading your time for money and that’s exhausting.

You need a way to connect with your ideal clients whilst also pre-qualifying them, that doesn’t require living in your DMs and showing up every day.

Instead of chasing leads and sales, you need a way to bring them to you AND get paid for it and in the process increase your visibility and expert status.

… and that’s where a digital product comes in

You package your most resourceful asked for service into an accessible, digestible resource. Then you offer them a way to get more hands on support to solve their problem.

Profitable Pipeline
Step 1

Create a Low Ticket Digital Product that solves one specific problem for your ideal client, something they are desperate to fix, like yesterday. 

Step 2
Validate your product and make your first sales by following the ‘Easy Launch’ method, that’s infused with sales psychology and only requires minimum effort.
Step 3
Your digital product qualifies leads for you. You then offer them a way to connect with you when they’re  ready to get more hands-on help.

You’ll also notice that people will start to notice your brilliance, and so your expert status will increase, attracting dream clients that are ready to pay you, big cash money.

Digital products offers a scalable way to build your business even when you’re not in front of people.
In this live workshop I will show you how to…

Turn your 1:1 services into a profitable digital product then flip it into an automated income stream in 30 days.

✨ Guide you through how to package a profitable digital product without having to recreate the wheel. (I’ll help you unlock your winning idea)

✨ I will explain how you can start earning an income within 30 days of launching your product

✨ I will show you the formula to earning more consistent income by doing less work and having more fun in your business.

Grab Your Ticket Today.

Live workshop 14th & 15th September

Take a second and think about attending, especially if you know that this is the business you want for yourself.

Because the thing is, most likely what you’re currently doing now isn’t cutting it for you, so are you going to continue doing something that doesn’t work OR find out how to make it work and move forward?

The shortcut to finally put you back on track to creating the business that you deserve?

If it’s the latter, come join us live or via the replay. I can’t wait to see you!