We Use Funnels and Ads to Create Powerful Marketing Systems That Attract & Convert Leads into Dream Clients.

You’re done wasting time trying out ineffective strategies that take a lot of time with no real results. 

It’s time to start working smarter.

IH Media focuses on the tech, data and metrics to help you scale your reach, impact and revenue.

Total Revenue Generated

$1 Million+

It’s your Turn

This isn’t a turn-and-burn, one-and-done agency. We operate under the belief that it is time for women to take control of their incomes. 

Whether you have a family that depends on it, business growth on your mind, big goals to fund or all of the above (as you should), we see you. 
It’s your turn to elevate your business and build your dream income. You deserve this. 

What We Offer


We specialize in profitable Facebook and Youtube ads strategies that are guaranteed to increase your reach, impact and authority, positioning you as an expert to your target audience. 

Our profitable funnels are customized to your business needs and optimized with your success in mind. 

Think of us as your Funnels and Ads A-team. 

How to know if you're ready for our services?

If that had you wide-eyed, leaning forward in your seat, or thinking to yourself “yes, please”… you’re ready to work with our expert Funnels and Ads agency. 
We’re true believers in going for what you want. No regrets or apologies.