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You’re Relying Too Much on Google

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Hi – I’m Nuzayra, an award winning attorney and as a creative entrepreneur, small business owner myself, and I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality and affordable legal resources.

Oh and I’m also the creator of this assessment.

Based on the information you’ve shared and the little I know about you and your situation, the legal mistakes you’re most likely making is ‘You’re Relying Too Much on Google!”

Here’s What That Means

When you're faced with a legal issue your first instinct is to google it!

You then grab the first contract you find and use it in your business, but this is the thing… that template wasn’t prepared with your business in mind, it was created for someone else so it doesn’t actually reflect what you need it to say for your business policies.

But you’re making a critical mistake if you think this is enough.

Your contract should be created to protect you 100% of the time. But you probably only “know” about 20% of the legal issues that might impact your business.

This is what makes your ‘google’ contract so dangerous. 


Thankfully there are some practical and achievable steps you can take to arm and protect your business.

Let me break it down for you

You need to recognise that your business deserves to be protected.

You need written contracts and policies that are not just valid but watertight and accurate in every way. This not only gives you and your client peace of mind because you know any transactions and orginal work are protected.

Make sure they are attorney-prepared.

They don’t need to cost an arm and a leg even if your business is just starting out. Affordable solutions are available to you that can protect your rights and help you avoid liability while growing your business.

This is actually the most important step:

You need to make sure to use them!

Ready to get started?

Well, this is what I do all day, every day… I help small business owners just like you to get their  essential contracts in place at an affordable rate so that you can protect your rights and also avoid liability by using attorney-prepared plug and play contract templates.


My Contract Hub

And because you’ve made the time to take this assessment and tell me a little about you and your situation, I’d love to give you access to a special discount on our attorney prepared contract templates.

First select which business type you fall under, then select the bundle you need the most and complete the checkout to get access to all the legal documents you need to protect your business today!


Which one are you?

Course Creator

Do you have digital products that you sell online? Then having a terms of enrollment in place to protect your intellectual property is a must. 


Do you identify as a coach or consultant? Then you know the importance of setting the right boundaries with your clients. Our client agreement contract is a perfect place to start!

Service provider

Are you a VA, OBM, Designer etc? Then having a client contract will not only protect you and your time but it will also position you as professional and make you stand out.


Do you own an online store where you sell physical or digital products? Get a contract that gives you peace of mind when shipping and selling your products online.

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