Ready to create emails that convert quickly?

Writing emails just got a whole lot easier with my High-converting word for word, plug-and-play email templates

(... even if you’re not a copy writer and hate writing)

Have you heard the myth?

I keep seeing people talk about how the rise of social media means that email marketing is no longer effective.

But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Social media is a great platform to market your business [correct] But you also don’t have any control over these platforms.

It seems that every other week the algorithms changes, and causes havoc in our business. (Who else’s story views are absolutely abysmal right now? 🙋🏾‍♀️ and reels??! )

Plus did you know that your content is only shown to 5% of your audience? So If you focus your attention solely on social media, you don’t actually have any control of who sees your content.

This means that your email list is one of the few marketing platforms you ACTUALLY own, it’s your own prime real estate.

Side effects to using my high-converting word for word, plug-and-play email templates may include

Effortless Emails

No need to spend any more time staring at that blank Google Doc for HOURS, wondering what to write! Use the prompts and word for word templates to write your launch, promo and nurture sequences. Easy to use for any industry!

HOURS Saved!

STOP writing emails from scratch ain’t nobody gat time to spend weeks writing them, instead write emails in a matter of a few hours! Have all your launch emails written, scheduled and delivering all your saucy value in an afternoon (let's get that coin 💰)

Relaxed Launch

When launching your to do list is the length of your arm, and the thing at the top tends to be your emails, imagine having all that taken care of? Which means less time stressing and more time relaxing.

Unsure if it's effective?

High-converting word for word, plug-and-play email templates that will have you launching your next 5 figure funnel in half the time!

Ready to....

👉🏾 Create emails that convert quickly so that you spend more time on your actual launch and relaxing.

👉🏾 Spend time focusing on your business and generate income effortlessly.

👉🏾 Spend more time relaxing during your launch

"My client said she's going to use your email sequence you built out to plug and play for all of her launches going forward!!"

Ready For The Only
Email Resource You Need!?

So what exactly will you get inside?

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and Get started monetizing your email list, you’ll also get access to a special bonus..,

Automation Set Up Video Training

I’m not just going to leave you with these templates and wave and say ‘ciao bella’ Nah, I gotchu boo. I’m going to hold your hand through each section as you set up your sequences. So you never feel stuck again.

🔥 My simple set up hacks that will save you time by 90%
🔥 How to structure your automation
🔥 A video walkthrough of all the email sequences so that you can literally follow through.

Now, you want people to actually open these emails, right? Well, the first step to making that happen is having a click-worthy subject line!

Not only will each email come with an option of no less than 3 subject lines but I have also included a click-worthy list of 199 different subject lines that you can use in your emails!

You can customize them to make them your own…

199 Subject Line List

Email Marketing Strategy board

This board will help you keep your email marketing efforts in check!

This is where you will house your funnel framework, any lead magnets you may have or plan to have and even your weekly newsletter.

Phew, that’s ALOT​

That’s 6 complete email funnels… 50 emails… Over 20,000 words…

"I love your emails! The energy just kills me. You're so good at this stuff. I like how you make it sound sexy. I had people reach out to me in the DMs about my most recently emails!"

Ditch that blank Google Doc and instead get your next email launch up and running in a matter of HOURS


Total value = $1020



100% Money Back Guarantee If you’re not 100% satisfied with this program after 7 days, we will gladly refund every penny you paid for it.

Now girl, all of this will save you HOURS + SLEEP! I would usually charge a lot more for this and my clients pay me $3000+ for my funnel set-ups, but because you’re here and ready to take action, I’m going to make this a NO brainer for you.

all for only $37

Hey, I'm Margarida

I didn’t earn the nickname “Sales Funnel Queen” for nothing 💅🏾

I help up-and-coming female entrepreneurs like yourself scale their businesses to 5+ figures using proven marketing and sales funnel strategies in LESS time.

I am the CEO of Its Her Media, an expert ads and funnels agency that has generated over $1 million in revenue for our clients. I work with 6 figure entrepreneurs and agency owners who trust me implicitly to create the business system they need.

My philosophy is to work smarter, not harder.

I’ve packaged all my internal resources into Savvy Sequences.

Grab your plug and play email templates and never write an email from scratch again


Total value = $1020




I've got answers

What’s inside Savvy sequences Launch + Profit?

There are 30+ emails grouped into the 6 launch sequence. These are editable Google docs. Automation set up training videos, PDF email funnel maps.

Sis my copywriting skills is trash, will this work for me?

Yess boo!

Savvy Sequences launch + profit was created for you in mind!

I have never considered myself a ‘writer’, but when I realized that the only thing I really needed to understand was my audience and my offer and that there were templates for the rest — everything changed!

The emails are literally written word for word, and include writing prompts, to get you started!

Is the content available immediately?

Yes! All of the content is inside a members area, ready to go and you will get lifetime access.

You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

(The live launch and Waitlist sales templates are currently being dripped and will be available by May 20th)

How much time do I need?

You can create a single email in just a couple of minutes!

What if I love these templates and want more in my life?

This is surprisingly a common side effect of stepping into #TemplateCity. 😉

But there is much more where these came from… just purchase this and you’ll see!

If you'd like to see my DFY services you can check it out here

Now Can You Imagine Never Having To Write An Email From Scratch Again...

🙌🏾 Being able to create emails that convert quickly!

🙌🏾 Spend more time focusing on your business & generate income effortlessly,

🙌🏾 More time to relax during your launch.

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